Samsung Monitors

Samsung LED monitors

LED monitors provide the very best in visual display, and Samsung LED monitors tend to lead the market when it comes to providing the best quality in LED quality.

Many computer monitors use LCD monitors and incorporate LED Backlight to enhance the clarity and resolution of the picture, but there are a number of monitors that are pure LED monitors.

Samsung LED Monitors

  1. Take the Samsung FX2490HD 24-Inch HDTV LED Monitor, for example. It is a bit high price for a computer monitor, but the quality of resolution – plus the fact that it has a built-in digital television monitor (meaning that it can act as a stand-alone television with or without a computer hookup) makes it an awesome choice. With just one purchase you can have all your television and computer monitor needs met.
  2. Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor Or you may want to consider the Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor. While it costs a bit more the S27A350H has a number of impressive features, such as the Eco Saving feature that enables you to control how much energy the monitor consumes, or an ultra-thin profile that means you save on desk space, or the HDMI connectivity for HD video that means that not only are your movies crystal clear, but your game worlds will become larger than life.
  3. Another option would be the Samsung T22A350 22-Inch Class LED HDTV/Monitor Combo. Here is another Samsung product that uses LED technology for crystal clear picture clarity, but looks out for your well-being by enabling you to purchase – one monitor to do the job of both a computer monitor and an HDTV.

No matter what best led monitor model you purchase, you will find that your viewing pleasure is increased by this very latest development in computer monitor technology regardless if you use your monitor mainly for surfing the internet, watching movies and TV, or creating a realistic gaming experience for yourself.

Samsung LCD Monitors

While current technology has built on the LCD techniques to produce LED monitors, which are considered to be better quality and produce a better image, LCD computer monitors are still considerably less expensive than LED monitors, and for the average computer user, an LCD computer monitor can be just as effective as its LED counterpart.

LCD Monitors

  1. Samsung 2333T 23″ Class Widescreen LCD Monitor provides widescreen clarity of image, just a fraction of the cost that a similar size model would cost as an LED monitor. Its high resolution makes it an excellent choice for gamers and general computer users alike.
  2. ViewSonic VA243 1WM 24-Inch Widescreen LCD monitor with Speakers has integrated speakers and full HD resolution, the VA2431WM has an Energy Star 5.0 certification, meaning that it is highly energy efficient. An awesome choice if you are looking to replace a currently owned monitor, this monitor provides a high-quality picture without breaking the bank.
  3. Samsung B2230 22-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor is an excellent value and has a wide assortment of features including a MagicEco option that enables you to work at 100%, 75% or 50% brightness and a MagicReturn feature that automatically displays dual monitor content on one monitor when the other is powered down. A lightweight and slim line model, the B2230 adds a touch of class to any décor.
  4. The Samsung P2370HD 23-Inch Full 1080p HDTV LCD Monitor provides full HD capability for those wanting to watch high definition TV or HD games that require ultra quick response time. The clear acrylic neck of this monitor gives it the appearance of floating above the desktop or other surface, and the High Definition Multimedia Interface means that you can hook most any multi-media device into this monitor so as to have all your entertainment options in one location.
  5. If you are looking to get a good all-around monitor without breaking the bank, the Samsung E1920X 18.5-Inch 1360 x 768 5ms 16.7M High Performance LCD Monitor might be just what you are looking for. This monitor may not be the best for video gaming or graphic design work, but it is a good quality display for normal computer usage that will stand up to lots of wear and tear.

Samsung Touch Screen Monitors

A touch screen monitor is a television or computer monitor that can detect the pressure of a touch (either by a finger, or by a stylus) within a specified display area. While more usual with Smartphones or tablet computers, touchscreens are also useful in many settings such as schools, offices, public locations such as libraries and information kiosks as well as for individual use when computer keyboards are not an option.

Touchscreen Monitor

Touchscreens allow the user to interact with the computer directly and to do so without any sort of hand-held device such as a mouse or touchpad. These kinds of screens can be attached to household appliances to enable ease of use, or used in more traditional settings, such as in conference rooms or lecture halls. Some technologies, such as GPS devices and hand-held video games rely on touchscreens to work properly.

The technology that allows touchscreens to work entails layers of glass which, in turn is coated with coated with a transparent conductor that enables the conduction of electrical impulses which in turn detect the location of a ‘touch’ on the screen and relay that information to the computer. Many of these screens are, in turn, coated with various polymers that enable them to stand up to repeated touching without breaking down or becoming jammed.

  1. Samsung 32″ Black LCD Touch Screen is a brilliant piece of work that allows for interactive usage and whose touch-screen technology is state of the art, making it an excellent choice not just for casual users, but for those putting it to use in places like schools or doctor’s offices.
  2. Samsung 400TSN-2 Touchscreen LCD Monitor has a 40 inch monitor that makes it useful for presentations and for situations where a large screen would be more useful (such as in a conference room or lecture hall). The 400TSN-2 may seem pricey, but its benefits far outweigh the cost.
  3. Acer T230H bmidh 23-Inch Wide Touch Screen Display is a touch-activated monitor that offers excellent touch-enabled features through Windows 7. While not as accurate as iPhone screens, the Acer does enable you to see things clearly – and much larger than an iPhone, and doesn’t cost nearly as much as the larger business-style touch screens available through other companies.
  4. Planar PX2230MW Touchscreen 22” LCD Monitor offers a resolution that is unusually clear for touchscreens in general, and monitors of this size in particular. Perfect for smaller, intimate settings, the PX2230MW is excellent for office settings or for individual use where touchscreen technology is preferred.

No matter which touchscreen monitor you choose, know that touchscreens can only enhance your computer use experience and create a more personal computer experience that will put you directly into contact with your computer.